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Black Beauty by Emma Court

13 February 2020






Tanja Bruckner shoots Aker, muse to artist Emma Court’s dreamy take on opalescent beauty, who in turn draws her inspiration from the fantastical fashion of Romance Was Born combined with pop-art accessories from Doodad & Fandango.


Photography: Tanja Bruckner

Make-Up and Hair: Emma Court at The Makeup Wardrobe

Model: Aker Ayom wears Romance was Born, with earrings by Doodad & Fandango


Beauty Credits:

Face and Body Foundation by MAC Cosmetics

Blood Sugar Palette by Jeffree Star

Lip stain in ‘Garfield’ and ‘Sweetie Darling’ by Glampire

Highlighter in ‘Pink Petticoat’ by MAC Cosmetics

Sheer Lip Gloss ‘Enchant’ by Illamasqua


 Song title by Kendrick Lamar and SZA




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