"Noir" - Elsa Gelhard by David K. Shields


11 October 2019

Reflecting on a time that crossed both continents and eras, when the beauty defined in a cinematic world was both elegant and timeless - the "beauty" of one Elsa Gelhard, was most obvious as the perfect foil for such a vision's display. Rae Boriboun and Isabella Schimid have given new life to an age gone by, with this effortless show of modern beauty, referencing within all that has survived the test of time itself.

When this 18 yr old German backpacker was discovered in Byron Bay, Australia, and flown to Sydney by Priscilla's Models, she began what will undoubtedly become her own epic journey. Across the world itself, and now to include introductions to many different worlds far from what she's known thus far, it is creating for Elsa a wealth of unexpected possibilities.

She's a farm girl who grew up riding horses and loving the outdoors, now embracing with ease an understanding of life expanding. Across the globe, those in the know are recognising this beauty as being something special - we'll keep you updated as life and her career continue to unfold!


Photography & Fashion by David K. Shields

Makeup by Isabella Schimid at Assembly using Sisley Paris

Hair by Rae Boriboun at Sync using Original & Mineral

Talent : Elsa Gelhard at Priscilla's Models, Sydney



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