Make your way, the successful way

Diesel release their Spring 19 Campaign

08 May 2019







Diesel is proud to introduce its new campaign, #MakeYourWayTheSuccessfulWay. In the environment that we grow up in, we were expected to become all rich and successful – but in the end, can we accomplish a such prosperous life? And, more importantly, can we really be ourselves in a life we live?



With the pressure of defining a successful living among youth in Australia, Diesel is fighting back against the understood norms and away from the crowded masses: to let individuals find their own truth, their own selves and their own definitions of success. By empowering youth in Australia to blaze their own trail, Diesel is shining a light for each person to follow their heart and their own way. So here it is, a motocross, extreme sport and retro video game-inspired collection—Diesel looks to Tokyo, Japan as its main influence for this drop.



Tokyo has long been central to Diesel’s aesthetic direction and overall inspiration Diesel is no stranger to rules breaking, meshing artfully with sub-culture and the real community leaders out there on the streets – the true influencers – in the worlds of art, music and fashion. These are sub-cultures which flare up their own beacons in order to let like-minded people come together and vibe naturally.



This is a fearless interpretation of winter for 2019—and one that speeds from the racecourse to the rock stage. It’s time to scream at the top of your lungs and party onward—and give new meaning to the term “dancing in the streets.”



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