Salasai Present Autumn Winter 2020

22 August 2019



Escaping the traditional framework of Fashion Week without forsaking the association of their Fashion Week fraternity



Separated by countries, the time we have inescapably locked in the same creative headspace is limited to moments seldom annually here and there. One particular moment - a 1am fabrication marathon in our hotel room, Guangzhou, China lead us to conceive the project for this year’s New Zealand Fashion Week, ‘SALASAI SEVEN’.


Weighing up the usual - concept and innovation vs production costs and logistics vs outcome inevitably lead us to question how we measure the success of an event at New Zealand Fashion Week.


In years past, success for us was all business. Booking appointments with potential buyers off the back of them being stirred by our show, being rushed backstage by journalists eager for the inspiration behind the collection and reading beautifully articulated articles featured online and in print by leaders in fashion journalism, cultivating the all-important customer to brand awareness.


However, with the increase of online media, the turnover of information to the public has turned from a marathon to a sprint. Where there was once sartorial articles deconstructing and reconstructing our show there is now 10 second stories with Gifs that say things like “everything!” and “want this now!”.


With the ushering in of this new era of online sharing, there is potential for new growth in an unchartered territory for SALASAI. Reaching a much larger audience than the main tent can hold, and one not limited to our direct market, eliminating the bricks and mortar of an underground carpark, hotel lobby or main tent and taking our event digital. 


The ‘SALASAI SEVEN’ concept takes our singular perspective and allows multiple creative hands to interpret capsule stories from within the entirety of our Autumn Winter 2020 collection. Escaping the traditional framework of Fashion Week without forsaking the association of our Fashion Week fraternity. Seven unique content creators across the seven days of New Zealand Fashion Week. Each conceptualising their own stories and sharing across their platforms, engaging their follower’s while introducing SALASAI onto their screens.


We knew we had the concept, but what we needed was a digital platform to elevate the project. A platform that had genuine followers, heavy in their appreciation for sartorial intrigue and engaged in the culture of creativity. BLACK magazine online was our immediate calling. With both a National and International audience, BLACK magazine online is the pivotal platform for the daily release of content. Starting Sunday the 25th of August at 7.30pm and running daily throughout NZFW ending on the Saturday 31st. Partnering in this project is IQOS, a Phillip Morris brand armed with the task of reducing the harmful effects of smoking. 


Much can be said about a fashion brand being sponsored by Phillip Morris, but for us, it’s a genuine alliance with a brand that’s purpose is to lessen the effects smoking has on its users. The science and design behind the technology is what stirred our interest in the partnership and having a husband in the SALASAI family that has been a cigarette smoker for years, any reduction in the chemicals creating harm was motivational incentive.  


With all fundamentals in place, it was a matter of piecing together seven strong content creators, ensuring a cross section of audience and most importantly, aesthetic. 


Words by Kelly Watson





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