Kiri Nathan @ NZFW 2018

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25 September 2018

As BLACK follows the rise of both Kiri Nathan's personal profile and her namesake label within the ranks of New Zealand's burgeoning designers and arts exponents, we are along most willingly for the ride.

Truly proud of all that this great example of a talented Māori wāhine has achieved thus far, and as evidenced by the breadth of Kiwi leaders and personalities there to view and celebrate this, her first NZFW show. It was an overwhelming success and that star will undoubtedly continue it's meteoric ascension.

Supported by many of New Zealand's up and coming businesses from across all divides, she more than lived up to the expectations thrust upon her. The fashion was complemented by another of our favourites and whānau members, Carrie Cooper of Beau Coops - the shoes were the perfect foil to give an air of modernity and glamour, and highlighted that sense of collaboration which allows one Kiwi to shine, and meanwhile showcase and promote another.

With everything from gifts of native Kawa Kawa trees to plant and contribute to a green NZ theme, Pipi Mā the first Māori speaking doll, Taha and Kai ora Honey goodness, handmade soaps from curionour, all māori owned and operated businesses, we were shown not only the skills of her craft but an indication of how the Māori community is at once a supportive assembly to help their own and work together to arrive at everyones goals. 

With a focus on supporting Māori designers globally, there is much to look forward to - watch this space!

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