With Or Without You

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14 October 2019




“Some are famous, many not so, but we have never felt the fame has much to do with inspiration” - Grant Fell 2012




Here we have it, the 31st print edition of Black Magazine entitled “With or Without You”. And what an issue it is. In true Black Magazine style, we proudly print five ROCK and ROLL covers from New Zealand, Australia, Paris and Madrid. The title of this issue resonates with us deeply as the collective Black whanau. When Grant and myself started Black Magazine in 2007 we did so with each other and chose our loyal teams to join us. To be with us, and they are still with us to this day. We have collected a few Black babies along the way but we are still forever inspired and without their wonderful talent we are nothing. We celebrate the late and great Grant Fell’s writing and his vision in this 2012 Issue 18 foreword, which resonates with us in publishing today.


“Inspiration. The lifeblood of fecund creativity. The flood that nourishes, regenerates and in turn initiates a desire to be different, to do better work, to think outside the square and kick boring into touch. Inspiration comes in many forms and it is a many-splendored thing, germinating sometimes from small, assuming places to flower in the fullness of time or lighting up the horizon in an instant and dazzling arrival. Whilst we may not look for inspiration on a daily basis, it often finds us; in a book, film, song or in the art of others. Inspiration is the partner of enlightenment, the old maxim that you are never too old to learn has its foundation in an open mind and the humble knowledge that none amongst us, knows it all. We have built Black Magazine on inspiration for there is much in the world to ignite that flame and for us creatively, more than necessity, that is the mother of invention. Above all, though, it is the creative human being that inspires us and not just the great artists, poets or singers. We find everyday people with their own sense of style, flair and vision endlessly fascinating. This issue, the first in our role as tri-annual publishers, celebrates many of these people around the world; musicians, photographers, fashion designers, hat makers, skaters, burlesque performers even creative barmaids at your favourite watering hole have all fueled this issue with their own unique panache. Some are famous, many not so, but we have never felt the fame has much to do with inspiration. The Kardashians, unfortunately, inspire some, but all they inspire in us is the desire to turn the page, change the channel or sit back and question who they actually are”.



As with every issue of Black, there is one group of creative people that mean so much to us, our contributors, creative partners and loyal, trusting brand partners. Without you, we are nothing. 



Rachael Churchward, Ethan Butler and the Black whanau xxx



Cover Credits:


Photography: Charles Howells

Fashion: Rachael Churchward

Makeup: Kiekie Stanners at M.A.C Cosmetics 

Hair: Benjamin James at Ryder

Model: Jordan at 62 Management



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