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Zero Water Wasted, Zero Harmful Chemicals

04 November 2018




Great fashion in 2018 is no longer just a discussion of good design, but design which takes into account sustainability and ethical production methods. For Neuw Denim, ethical production means safe manufacturing environments, no child labor, compliance with all relevant regulatory ordinances and fair trade standards, and a commitment to protect and preserve the environment. Water wastage is the big conversation around the denim industry, and the Neuw Denim ‘Airwash is their answer to environmentally conscious denim production.


The ‘AirWash’ cuts down the amount of water being wasted; as the jeans are washed and treated with ozone - an ageing and bleaching agent present in the Earth’s atmosphere. This reduces the amount of water being used throughout the washing process, and as ozone reverts to oxygen after a completed wash cycle, there is no chemical residue and the water is not contaminated so can be used repeatedly.


The commitment from Neuw Denim is sustainable choices in denim manufacturing, and great jeans that only get better with age.


Shop Neuw Denim Now www.neuwdenim.com



Photography Luke Foley-Martin

Fashion Ethan Butler

Hair Sean Patrick Mahoney at Colleen

Makeup Abbie Gardiner using M.A.C Cosmetics

Model Wednesday at 62 Management

Words: Sarah Birchley


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