Beyond Beauty by David K. Shields

BLK Beauty

10 July 2019

We celebrate the next generation of "The Faces of Aotearoa" here, with the embellishments by one of BLACK's stalwart stars of all things "beauty" Richard Symons, only adding to their glory.

Sara Allsop adds that wonderful sense of naturally inhabitted, lived-in hair to the mix, and there we have it  - beauty in all forms, inside and out, but far and away the path to the faces of the future!

Photography by David K. Shields

Fashion by Oscar Bannan

Make Up by Richard Symons using MAC Cosmetics

Hair by Sara Allsop using Joico

Models : Ayan, Gracie, Henry and Oscar at N Model Management

             Angela, Joanna, Peyton and Michael at Red 11 Models



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