Unapologetically Black ft. Jordan Vickors

09 May 2019





Kia ora and welcome to Issue 12 of BLKONBLK. This issue called ‘Unapologetically Black’ is important and resonates deeply with us. Because we are a creative whanau that believe in who we are, our craft and we own our own corner. We are unapologetically ourselves, we do not compromise.


I have chosen to re-write an aspect from a forward Grant Fell my beloved husband and editor-in-chief wrote in Black print issue #19. This rings true to this day for us here at BLKONBLK and Black Magazine. “When we started this magazine a friend in the fashion industry asked us who are you making this magazine for? Our answer came freely - for people like us. Nothing has changed, in fact that aphorism is more true than ever. Black magazine and BLKONBLK is for people like us who are, in turn, most likely people like you. To coin another maxim which has reverberated within our ethos since we started; rules are – no rules and we follow this belief in our business which requires free thinking and an ability to act quickly with a constant eye to the future. Yet there is no future without a past and we strongly believe that the essence of a positive future includes a broad understanding of the past. It saddens us that a considerable number of people live in a trashy, vapid world of celebrity, reality TV, fake and over inflated number - social media platforms and know little, if anything of what has gone before. Then again, it is likely those people won’t be reading this – only people like us, people like you – those with enquiring minds.”


So continuing the vision and the future Grant wrote of, we again deliver with great pride our digital issue and continue our goal as an established International fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine founded in Aotearoa, New Zealand that performs on the world stage.


Rach and Ethan x




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