Memories of Green

Black welcomes Sydney based photographer Michael William

13 December 2020



Joining our editorial fold, shooting for Black in Sydney, photographer Michael William sets his sights on Priscilla’s Tess Angel in this strong and elegant debut.


With Chris Coonrod’s beautifully restrained hair and make-up, alongside fashion editor Chris Lorimer’s minimal and purposeful choices; And with set designer Joshua Slade Jasper and still-life stylist Kendra McCarthy adding their touches, the impact of this pictorial is unforgettable.



Photographer: Michael William

Fashion Editor: Chris Lorimer

Make-up and Hair: Chris Coonrod at Union using Sisley Paris and Evo

Set Design: Joshua Slade Jasper

Still Life Styling: Kendra McCarthy

Model: Tess Angel at Priscillas


Song title from the Bladerunner original film soundtrack by Vangelis



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