Mountain Boy, Coastal Man

Blacklog by David K. Shields

12 March 2019




As fashion moves into the future with an eye on modern aesthetics, the counterpoint allowed is an air of nostalgia, where a collision of cultures and bygone eras inform the present. The desire to escape prompts the experiential, combining heritage, history and folklore.

This idea of blending cultural references sits alongside the rise of an irreverent, yet casual youthfulness of globalized street culture, and "The Cowboy" harks back to a time of constancy that relies on wearing it well, and it wearing well on you - the more time, the more it is "yours".

Skin on your skin - pieces that age into a comfort only time manages, holding your soul true.

Fashion, Art, Heritage, History... the cowboy holds his place in all, and in the pervading noise of a modern world we again welcome this quiet and constant man, with the repose he brings, back to the fold.


Photography, Fashion & Words: David K. Shields

Model: Dillon Storey at Clyne Models



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