One To Watch - Finn Potter

Blacklog by David K. Shields

26 March 2020



In these days to come, as we all become even more interactive via "the screen", we're aiming to keep you entertained with insights into the next Digital issue and our usual flow of content created for this platform. 


BLACK#32 is being created now in digital form as per our BLKonBLK issues, which will allow us to get it to you for your perusal as per suitable to these trying times - hopefully it will give you some respite from the everyday restrictions and a chance to travel/escape to somewhere a creative mind can take us!


We'll introduce you to some of our new BLACK whanau, which will no doubt expand as we reach out from here, and as always continue to bring you that of the more established members.


As we look to communicate with our audience, and move through the disruption and on to better times we urge you to stay strong, well and adhere to a positive mindset :)


On that note, here's Finn Potter of Aotearoa - one of the truly "good guys" and a great example of the idea that it's about ALL of you that makes talent just that... 


Photography and Fashion by David K. Shields

Talent: Finn Potter at N Management



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