Saria Elf Rose White - True Blue Aussie Beauty!


14 January 2020

Heading into the next, we're ready to share with you some of the talent we at BLACK see as the ones to watch, in this decade to come - it's not just about what you look like it's WHO you are, and the first off the rank is the unique and wonderful beauty embodied by Saria Elf Rose White at Priscilla's in Sydney, Australia. 

Personality and beauty combine to give real meaning to the words "Beautiful, inside and out", and as you can see she definitely has range..

We look forward to watching her star rise, and don't worry we'll keep you up to date with it all!


Photography and Fashion by David K. Shields

Hair by Rae Boriboun using Original and Mineral

Makeup by Annette McKenzie using Nars at Mecca Cosmetica

Talent : Saria Elf Rose White at Priscilla's Models



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