Softness as a weapon

Luke Foley-Martin shoots Jess Burley at Vivien’s

19 March 2020



A trip across the Tasman by photographer Luke Foley-Martin brings three of our regular creatives together in a new combination as he shoots his first (of what we hope will be many) collaboration with Sydney based Black fashion editor Chris Lorimer and long-time beauty contributor Chris Coonrod. Lorimer’s tailored, androgynous styling combined with Coonrod’s girl-meets-pageboy hair and painterly make-up creates severe yet soft lines, with Foley-Martin alternating between sharp focus and artful blur to depict the looks. 


Photography: Luke Foley-Martin

Styling: Chris Lorimer

Make-up and Hair: Chris Coonrod at Union using Sisley Paris and evo hair

Model: Jess Burley at Vivien’s

Shot at Sun Studios, Sydney

Song Title by Kindness



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