The Mother of Dance by Natasha Killeen & Patricia Lapique


31 October 2018


Dance me to the end of love.

Isadora Duncan, known as “The mother of Dance” was a self-styled revolutionary dancer, adventurer, and ardent defender of the free spirit.

She was a flame sheath of flesh made for dancing.

She believed she ran out into storm, rain, sun, and became part of them and they were afterward woven in her dances.

“The wind? I am the wind.

The seas and the moon? I am the sea and the moon.

Tears, pain, love, bird-flights? I am all of them.

I dance what I am.

”Sin, prayer, faith, the light that never was on land or sea? I dance what I am”


-Carl Sandbury


Photography by Natasha Killeen

Fashion by Patricia Lapique

Hair and makeup by Chris Arai

Model : Alecsa Nelson at Priscillas Models


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