Warhol's Man by David K. Shields & Kelvin Harries

Featuring Harrison at IMG

31 January 2019



You’ll likely know his image, which has been ubiquitous in pop culture for more than four decades. Andy Warhol once astutely pointed out, "everyone's in love with Joe Dallesandro".

Never straightforward, never black-and-white, and most of all, never boring - “Little Joe” became an icon for gay men, women and straight men everywhere.

Dallessandro was popular for showing a lot of “Flesh”, and rocking his birthday-suit, but with or without clothes he had a style that is hard to recreate. It’s the style of a rebel, a badass, a symbol of youth and street culture, a waking dream of sexy.


“I think it’s no one’s business what choices other people make. Everybody should be free and allow people to have what they need in their lives.” Joe Dallesandro


Photography: David K. Shields

Fashion: Kelvin Harries

Model: Harrison at IMG

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