Let the World see you!

M.A.C Cosmetics VIVA GLAM 2018

07 December 2017



Over the weekend, M.A.C Cosmetic's announced that SIA will be their next VIVA GLAM spokesperson from Feburary next year.


Let the world see you… in the unstoppable colour of VIVA GLAM Sia! This iconic campaign’s newest spokeswoman has broken pop’s artistic boundaries with her avant-garde style and exhilarating vocals – accompanied by soulful songwriting that inspires countless fans to raise their own voices.



Sia unveils a warm, vivid red lipstick that’s as loud as you dare to be.


Every cent from the selling of VIVA GLAM goes towards supporting woman and children living with HIV/AIDS.  To-date, more than $470 million has been raised for people affected by HIV and AIDS. 


We at Black have a special place in our hearts for M.A.C cosmetics support of HIV and AIDS as Creative Director Rachael Churchward lost her Father to an AIDS related disease. Our relationship with M.A.C has spanned over 20 years and the support they have shown to World AIDS Day is truly showing their heart and soul. It is not to be ignored!


Sia VIVA GLAM product can be purchused online and in-store from Feburaray 2018.




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