Local artist Saman Tehrani portraying meaningful messages in modern music

09 October 2019





Since launching in October 2018 with a mixtape, artist Saman Tehrani has based his music around the “concept of fearing beauty and everything that is or seems beautiful”. Raised in Iran’s capital Tehran (or Persia to some), Saman never saw his childhood as normal.


“Being bought up in the middle east, it is fair for me to say I’ve seen my fair share of violence and have definitely experienced distrust in government authority. This relates back to my own experience with beauty in terms of something as beautiful as my childhood and my home country being something that is fearful to me. ‘Last Night in Tehran’ is the name which I think best describes this fear and why I chose it as the name for the project.”


Saman says “the fear of beauty can also be explained in a more conceptual and philosophical way. Beautiful things in life can be and mostly are dangerous, such as fire, water, the thorns on a rose or even love itself”.



His first single ‘Lepidopterophobia’ is based around the fear of butterflies. This is the first song released from the upcoming album ‘Tape’ and although he doesnt believe it’s the best song on the album, for him it is very meaningful. “It’s the contrast of the melancholic verse combined with the heavy drums that makes a beautiful juxtaposition”.


Check out the kick ass promo for there upcoming music video above. The full album “Tape” is available from 1st November 2019. Listen to the first single ‘Lepidopterophobia’ here


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Saman Tehrani - Artist

Jacob Reid – Executive Producer

Finn Mora Hill - Designer

Zarife Jarvis - Organiser/ model

Paora Vlasic - Producer

Romina Marjomaki - Singer

Ali Mojdehi - Manager

Isla Jackson - photographer

Pepper Taylor Rose - Photographer 

Sina Yari - Guitarist 

Emily Sharpe - Pianist 





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